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Laboratory Equipment

Michael Benalt, Inc has a wide range of quality pre-owned laboratory equipment and aims to serve the packaging and processing industries around the country. We have great, affordable pricing when it comes to our selection of used laboratory equipment. Different industries and laboratories require different equipment. By providing you with options, we hope you find the perfect piece of equipment for you means.

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We are proud to have a great selection of laboratory equipment for sale. We have many different makes and models of equipment to use for different tasks and applications. Among our selection are microfluidics microfluidizers, blenders, evaporators, automatic tube labelers, and counters. Get affordable used lab equipment and machinery when you turn to Michael Benalt, Inc!

For more information about any of the equipment we have for sale, please contact us today. The number to call is 845-628-1008. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our used and pre-owned laboratory equipment. We have a wide variety of equipment and machines in order to try and meet all of your demands. When you reach out, we can provide you with a fair and accurate quote. And if there is something you need, but do not see, then we can try to find it for you.

Dependable Pre-Owned Laboratory Equipment Available

Laboratory equipment is equipment one uses in a lab. That may sound simple, but there are many tasks that need to be done when working in a lab setting, so there is invariably a lot of different equipment. We will help you if you need any guidance deciding on what equipment you need. Lab equipment needs to be precise, even it is pre-owned and used. We make sure all of the equipment we sell is certified and fully refurbished.

Classical laboratory equipment refers to such tools as Bunsen burners and microscopes, but our selection of equipment goes beyond that. Much of the equipment we have in stock refers to capsule fillers, blenders, conveyors, mixers and much more. As trusted buyers in the marketplace, we are constantly updating our inventory to include all sorts of useful equipment for the industry.