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Revco Ultra Low Lab Chest Freezer


Model:  ULT2090-5-D14

Description:  One pre owned Revco Ultra Low Lab Chest Freezer.  Ultra Low Laboratory Deep Freezer model ULT2090-5-D14 by Revco Scientific.  This freezer freezes down to minus 80 C.  This freezer was plugged in the afternoon and by the next morning when we came into the office it already established a temperature of -80 C and stabilized that temperature all day before we powered it down.  The control set point worked as it should.  The high and low alarms all worked as expected and the alarms reset when the button was pressed.  This seems to be a fully functional freezer.  The Battery Low alarm was flashing so a new battery is on order that will come with this freezer.  There are a few minor scratches and dents from previous use.  The horizontal chest freezers tend to maintain the low temperature alot better than the vertical freezers when opening the lid.  This freezer is sold as is and it does not have a warranty.  This freezer requires a 220 volt / 15 amp power source and it is on wheels so it moves easily.