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Groen-Dover Industries 5g Self Contained Kettle with Single Motion Scrapper Agitator


Model:  TDB7-20

Description:  One preowned Groen-Dover Industries 5 Gallon Self Contained Electric, Tilt, Stainless Steel Kettle with Single Motion Scrapper Agitator Kettle. Tabletop design. All stainless steel, 13.5 Inch diameter by 11 Inch deep jacketed vessel with pour lip. Manual tilt to dump vessel. Jacket is manufacturer tagged for 50psi, and has a jacket level sight gauge. Complete with a manual tilt-out single motion side scraping agitator with (3) removable top-down baffles and 1/3 HP drive motor. A single 220 volt single phase electrical input powers kettle and agitator.

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