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Air Science Fan Duct Filter


Model:  FS-4010-SS-MH

Description:  Pre owned Flow Sciences Fan/Filter units are designed to work in one housing to pre-treat and decontaminate exhaust from workstations and small containment devices before exiting to the general laboratory exhaust or recirculating back into the laboratory. Flow Sciences filtration systems are available in a unique Fan/Filter unit that can be connected by a 15.2 cm (6') 2ventilation hose to our VBSE models or 3000 series containment workstations. These units can be placed above, behind or below a containment station to eliminate noise and for ease of filter removal. Each unit has an adjustable variable speed control. This allows your enclosure to be adjusted to meet the standards of your laboratory.  Model  4010 Single fan/filter housings.  The 4010 operates using a 15.2 cm (6') ventilation system.  

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