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Thomas Wiley Mini-Mill Grinding Mill


Model:  Mini-Mill

Description:  One pre owned Thomas Wiley Mini-Mill Cutting Mill.  Unit features: 1.6 Inch diameter milling chamber - 1.7 Cubic Inches, 1 to 25 gram sample volume, Three speeds 860, 1700 and 3700 RPM can be achieved by changing the pulley position of the belt, Stainless steel contacts, removable safety glass plate permits viewing of sample during milling and allows easy access to interior for cleaning.  Two stationary blades and a rotor with four cutting cutting edges that revolve at high speed to produce a shearing action which minimizes loss moisture from heat.  Samples introduced through the hopper are swept around the rotor until cut to sufficient fineness to pass through sieve top of delivery tube which forms the bottom of the chamber.  Comes with New Motor.