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Alexanderwerk WP120 Roller Compactor


Model:  WP 120

Description:  One preowned Alexanderwerk WP120 Roller Compactor.  built in 2000. model WP 120, 120 mm roll diameter x 40 mm roll width, rated up to 40 kg/hr max. throughput, 20 kn/cm max. pressure force, 4 mm max. roller gap. With product loader. Electrics 480V 60 Hz control voltage 24 V DC/230 V AC,, With the WP 120 Pharma, Alexanderwerk offers a compactor and granulator specifically designed for use in R&D departments or small scale production. Even batches of as little as 5g can be processed on the WP 120 Pharma. The machine can equally process approx. 40kg/hr (of Lactose) making the WP 120 Pharma a good choice for frequent product changes or smaller batches, for use in a pilot plant, or in small scale production. Due to the cantilever bearing design, the rollers can be easily replaced and cleaned with little effort. The WP120Pharma is designed as a movable unit to meet the requirements of mobility and flexibility.