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HP 6890 with FID, TCD, 7683 Autosampler, Computer and Software


Model:  6890

Description:  One pre owned HP 6890 with FID, TCD, 7683 Autosampler with Computerand Software.  The system includes a 6890 GC with FID with Split/Splitless Inlet for the FID, TCD with Cool On Column for the TCD, a 7683 Injector and Tray, and Computer/Monitor with Preloaded Chemstation Software.  Since receiving the system we have connected the system to gases.  We have verified that the inlet, oven, and detector are in working condition as the inlet, oven, and detectors heat and stabilize and the detector signal responds and is stable.  We tested the autosampler by injecting a couple samples and it is in working condition.  We can add a second 7683 injector as well for an additional $4500.  

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