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FTS UC750G Recirculating Chiller


Model:  UC750G

Description:  One preowned FTS Recirculating Chiller. The Ultra-Cool is a recirculating chiller; it is a device that controls the temperature of a
process by removing heat using a recirculating fluid. This fluid flows from the cooler to
the process and back in a closed loop with the fluid acting as a heat transfer medium. This chiller is a mechanically refrigerated system designed to provide a continuous
flow of temperature-controlled fluid to an external process in order to maintain a desired temperature. The system is designed to operate on a continuous basis with
minimal interruption for maintenance and service.
The unit cabinet contains the refrigeration system, a pump to recirculate the cooling fluid, low voltage system control circuit boards, and high voltage electrical
components. The unit is supported by heavy duty, lockable, full-swivel casters.
Recirculating fluid inlet and outlet ports are provided on the rear of the unit for connecting hose, tubing, or pipe to and from the process to be cooled. These threaded fittings can be easily adapted to any specific connector that is required.

Key Features Include:
 Compact design to minimize space requirements.
 Reliable, self-contained mechanical refrigeration.
 Air or Water cooled.
 Wide temperature range to handle a variety of temperature control requirements.
 ± 0.5 °C Stability.
 RS-232 Computer Interface.
 Easy reservoir access for filling recirculating fluid.
 Electronic fluid level monitoring.
 High pressure bypass valve for controlling fluid pressure to the process. 208 Volts, 60 Hz, 3 Phase

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