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SPX Blue M M146 Series Clean Room Oven


Model:  CC-091-P-KY-CE


One pre owned SPX Blue M high specification oven
The Blue M is designed for for automated processing whilst under pressure and in an inert atmoshere for a number of industrial oven applications, including curing polyamide coatings, moisture drying, baking photo resist coating and various pharmaceutical and electronic processes

The oven has been designed and built with special features such as:
-gas purge and gas holding charge and can be used under constant positive pressure enabling it to be used for such processes as autoclaving.
- Multi event controller with automatic door opening and closing facility and actuated lock.
- Stacking unit allows two ovens to be placed directly on top of each other saving space for multiple oven installations.

The ovens will be separated and sold individually and we are advertising a single oven price. If stacked ovens or multiples of are requested we can offer a multiple discount purchase price on application.

General Mechanical Industrial Oven Specifications:

- Temperature range: ambient to 350°C
- Uniformity: + - 1% of setpoint
- Control Accuracy: +0.5°C
- Resolution: +0.1°C

Mechanical Convection Oven Features:

- Heavy gauge steel exterior and stainless steel interior
- Fiberglass insulation - 100mm minimises heat loss.
- Baked on powder-coated white enamel finish for long-lasting corrosion protection.
- Blue M silicone door seal design for positive sealing of chamber.
- Removable one-piece reinforced 304 stainless steel interior.
- Pnuematic door controls
- All welded and sealed construction assures continuously low particle counts.
- Chamber vent port for exhausting.
- Inert gas purge to eliminate moisture and vent out contaminants. adjustable inert gas flowmeter.
- Pro Master 1 Uniform, Accurate and Reliable Temperature Controller with profiling or single setpoint temperature controls
- Horizontal air flow assures uniform thermal performance under all loading conditions.
- Cooling facility with all stainless steel cooling coil which speeds cool down without risk of contamination and allows near ambient operation depending on cooling water temperature.
- 9kW of Heating elements with low-waft density for longer service life, premium alumina ceramic element insulators minimise contamination,
- Gas delivery system introduces the gas through the agitation fan shaft ensuring proper mixing and eliminates the possibility of air being drawn into the chamber The stainless fan impellor minamises contamination and maintains positive chamber pressure at all times.
- Direct Drive Motor includes multi-blade centrifugal fan, high-volume air delivery, dynamically balanced for minimum noise.

External Dimensions: 1000 x 1250 x 2850 mm high

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