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Groen 5 Gallon Electric Kettle Twin Motion Scrape Kettle


Model:  TDB/7-20

Description:  One pre owned Groen Self Contained Electric Heated Twin Action Kettle.   14 inch diameter by 11 inch deep hemispherical bottom stainless steel vessel, tilt out twin motion agitation; scrape and off set Christmas tree with Vari-Speed. Manual tilt-to-dump pouring-lip discharge, on an all stainless steel shrouded base. Tabletop configuration, with a 20 inch infeed height.  Complete with thermostatic operator control, and steam-jacket-water-level sight glass. 220 volt single phase electrical input. Manufacturer tagged, U-stamped and National Board coded for for 50psi jacket pressure, with a temperature range from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

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