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HP 1100 HPLC with Computer and Software


Model:  1100

Description:  One pre owned HP 1100 HPLC Series.  Unit comes with Computer and Software.  System was removed in working condition from a pharmaceutical company.  System includes G1312 Binary Pump, G1329 Autosampler, G1330 Autosampler Cooler/Chiller, G1316 Column Oven, G1379 Degasser, and G1315 Diode Array Detector (DAD).   Since receiving the system, we have connected it to Chemstation and tested the system by running a sample through the system.  The system is in working condition.  System includes a computer with preloaded Windows XP and Chemstation (version B.04.03), monitor, mouse, and keyboard. The HPLC Column is not included.