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Dionex ICS 2000 and AS Autosampler with Cooling


Model:  ICS 2000

Descriprion:  One pre owned Dionex ICS 2000 and AS Autosampler with Cooling.  The system includes a Dionex ICS-2000 and AS Autosampler with Cooling Option.  Since receiving the instrument we have powered on the IC.  We increased the temperature to 35 degrees Celsius for the column oven and cell - both heat to 35 degrees and stabilize.  After startup, the degasser runs for a few minutes and shuts off as expected.  The conductivity cell autozeroes when the button is pushed on the display.  The pump runs when we turned it on.  The autosampler powers on, initializes the syringe tower and the autosampler arm moves in the x, y, and z directions and returns to home position. We checked the autosampler tray after 10 minutes and it was cold.  We have not tested the system further.  We have not tested with liquid.  Warranty: Sold As-Is.