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Neostarpack Wraparound Semi Automatic Labeler

Neostarpack Wraparound Semi Automatic Labeler

Model:  LR-1100

Description:  One pre owned Neostarpack Wraparound Semi-Automatic Labeler.
Labeling speed: 10m/min
Capability: 20~40pcs/min (subject to actual label size and product
Labeling accuracy: +/- 1m
Bottle size: (Dia)16mm-100mm;(H)30-160mm
Label size: (L) 10~310 mm; (W) 10~100 mm
Label roll: (ID) 75mm ; (OD) 300mm
Power Supply: 110v or 220 VAC; 50/60Hz; single phase
Dimension: (L) 1010mm (W)845mm (H)445mm

The semi-automatic round bottle labeler LR-1100 is driven by advanced stepping motor that made the labeling process stable, accurate and also synchronized to the conveying speed. Round bottle labeller is equipped with knob-controlled microcomputer, providing the simple-to-operate user interface for inexperience operator, also, the sensor will detect the label and product automatically to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of labeling procedure. Tabletop round bottle labeler is suitable for Round bottles and Cylinders in both large and small volume, being able to use the label in types of fully wrap-around, half wrap-around and front-and-back. Furthermore, the tabletop labeling machine can apply to the round container that made of plastic (PE, PET, PP), glass and metal, being designed for cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and chemistry industries.

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