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Agilent 6890N - 5973N with Fast Electronics, 7683 Autosampler, and Computer


Model:  6890N, 5973N, 7683

Description:  One pre owned Agilent 6890N, 5973N with Fast Electronics, 7683 Autosampler with computer and software.  The system includes a 6890 with LAN, 5973N with diffusion pump, 7683 autosampler injector and tray, Edwards vacuum pump, and computer with preloaded Chemstation software.  The system has the fast electronics (G3170-65001 log amp board, G3169-65015  side board).  Since receiving the system we have connected the system to a computer and software.  We pumped down the system for several days and we have tested the system.  We printed the tune report (see photo).  We tested the autosampler tray and injector.  The system is in working condition.