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Sweco Vibro-Energy Filter Dryer


Model:  PH46Y30

Description:  One pre owned Sweco PharmASep Vibro-Energy Filter Dryer, Model PH46Y30, 316L Stainless Steel. Sanitary design rated 0-2 bar (0-30 psi), vacuum -1 bar (-15 psi). Batch processing capacity solids up to 25kg (55 pounds). Above 30" diameter scalping screen capacity 11.01 gallons (1.47 cubic feet), between scalping & 46" diameter product screen capacity 31.3 gallon (4.18 cubic feet), capacity below 46" diameter product screen 38.5 gallon (5.19 cubic feet). Screens not included. Driven by a 2.5hp motor. Includes a 300 Liter vessel Certified by Pure-Flo Precision, built 2004. Internal rated 30psi, vacuum rating -1 bar, control panel, and a Watson Marlow pump, model 624U. Mounted on frame. 

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