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NJM AutoColt III Labeler


Model:  326SLWCBP5085

Serial:  M0040013

Description:  One pre owned New Jersey Machine AutoColt III Pressure Sensitive Labeler,  Features PLC operator interface for machine control functions, Fixed and feed to the gap label sensor modes, Fixed position product sensor, Quick disconnect sensors, Automatic speed compensation and synchronication with conveyor, Fail safe logic for missing label on web, dancer arm on label unwind, Collapsible spindle on powered rewind, label counter, product counter, 7” web width, Repeatable indication points for all machine settings, Flag on or roll on label capacity, electronics in a pull out drawer.

Air & Electrical Requirements:
80 PSI, 2 SCFM, 120 V, 60 Hz, 1 Phase

Label and Container Specifications:
Container height: 1” to 14”
Container Diameter: 5/8” to 7”
Width of Web: 5/8” to 7”
Label Length: 5/8” to 12”
Roll Size:  Maximum of 14”