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Modular Slat Counter


Model:  48-6

Serial:  M0102-002

Description:  One pre owned Modular 48-6 Slat Counter.  This slat filler utilizes just 48 slats yet maintains enough pickup are to provide full coverage to each slat.  The indepenendently driven top brush combined with the powerful vibrator provides enough control and agitation to fill each slat 100%.  Product falls into 6 divided chutes where it is led into a custom funnel, then straight to the opening of the awaiting bottles.  As bottles index the slats stop advancing until a fresh set of bottles is in place.  This unit requires no blank slats, no striker slats and utilizes on 48 slats per product run. 

The machine features the following:  Speeds up to 80 bottles per minute (based on 100 Count, 10 drop slat), 100% accuracy, motorized height adjustment, cGMP design, east to disassemble product contact parts, slat interchangeability, hopper level proximity sensor, variable speed top brush, dual dust extraction points, static eliminator, bottle detection, Large user friendly touch screen interface, safety clutch on head drive, safety interlocks.

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