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IMA C90 Monoblock Blister Line with Color Vision System, Printer, Leaflet Inserter, Cartoner


Model:  C90

Description:  One pre owned IMA C90 Monoblock Blister Pack and A91 Cartoner. The line consists of two complementary machines with consecutive position in the production line. The first is the C90 blister packaging machine and the second is the A91 cartoning machine. The Line also comes with a Leaflet Inserter,

CSAT Continuous Printer
Model:  CSAT 6135/600-2C-IM

and a Color Vision Systems (Detects broken tablets)

• Single track operation.
• Internal cooling unit.

• Blister dimensions:
• Width: 30-85mm.
• Length: 60-127mm.

• Carton dimensions:
• Width: 35-90mm.
• Length: 65-132mm.
• Height: 12-90mm.

• Maximum forming area: 180 x 127mm.
• Maximum blister speed: 400 BPM.
• Maximum blister per carton: 12.
• Cartoner speed: 35 cartons/min.

Comes with Spare Change Parts