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Gerteis Roller Compactor - Never used in production


Replacement Cost Is Over 1.3 Million USD

Model:  GMP-Polygran Macro-Pactor 250/100/3


One pre owned Gerteis GMP-Polygran Macro-Pactor 250/100/3 Roller Compactor with Glove Box Isolator. This unit was only tested with a placebo batch and never placed into production.  Rated up to 400 Kg/Hr (880 Lbs/Hr).  Stainless Steel construction.  Mfg in 2006. 

Machine features the following: 

Glove Box Isolator Unit,

CIP System,

Power Cabinet,

Control Station,  

Electrics:  480 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 25 Amp, CE Rated.

Machine comes with: 

Product Bin Docking System

One pre owned GEA Buck Valve and Docking System, with product bin and lift.  Advantages of the Buck docking system are:  Complete Containment prevents contamination or leakage.  Unique discharge system eliminates bridging in container.  Vacuum rated.  Manual or fully automatic control.  Post Hoist is 24 Feet Tall.  System comes with Post Hoist, Gate Docking Valve and 1 product bin.

Platform suite:

One pre owned Stainless Steel Platform Suite.  Suite measures:  201" against back wall, 158" left hand side. 130" front length, 55" on right side.  The cutout on the platform is 47" X 52" X 52". (please see drawing.)  Platform is held up by 8 Stainless Steel Posts measuring 99" Tall