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Gerteis Roller Compactor - Never used in production


Replacement Cost Is Over 1.3 Million USD

Model:  GMP-Polygran Macro-Pactor 250/100/3

Description:  One pre owned Gerteis GMP-Polygran Macro-Pactor 250/100/3 Roller Compactor with Glove Box Isolator. This unit was only tested with a placebo batch and never placed into production. Rated up to 400 Kg/Hr (880 Lbs/Hr). Stainless Steel construction. Mfg in 2006.
Machine features the following:
Glove Box Isolator Unit,
CIP System,
Power Cabinet,
Control Station, Electrics: 480 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 25 Amp, CE Rated.

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