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Extruder-Spheronizer suite


Models: E-220, 27-Twin, 

Description: Pre owned Extruding/Spheronizer units.  

Listing includes:  

Extruder:  One pre owned Nica-Aeromatic E-220 Extruder. Contact parts are 316 Stainless steel. Machine is rated 2 - 20 liter/minute. Equipped with a 3 Hp Feeder motor and a 5 Hp extrusion head motor. Machine is 460 Volt.

Spheronizer:  One pre owned GB Caleva Dual Bowl Spheronizer. This unit features two 27" Diameter Spheronizing discs capable of processing up to 160 Kg/Hr. 250/440, 280/480 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz motor.