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Cozzoli Aseptic Filling Line



Filler M# FVS50
Crimper M# CMM50
Conveyor M# FSC4
RABS M# 1115

Description:  The Cozzoli filling system is an automated filling, stoppering, and capping line within a passive Restricted Access Barrier (RAB) to protect the product from exposure.  This line includes necessary change parts to allow aseptic filling of 2 to 20mL glass vials with the option of 13 or 20mm rubber stoppers and aluminum seals. Nitrogen Purge, The fill is performed via a single filling needle and peristaltic pump.  Vials are loaded via pans to the filling station equipped with load cells to determine fill volume and sensors for no vial no fill.  Stopper application is verified via an inspection camera before the vials are transferred to the capper station where the aluminum seals are applied and seals are crimped by a rotary crimper.  Vials are loaded into trays as they exit the machine.  Stoppers and seals are supplied via hoppers that feed vibratory bowls that feed and orient the components for application.  The system is controlled via a control panel with an Allen Bradley touch screen control that handles system and pump adjustment, system operation in automatic and manual modes, and displays system status including faults.

Additional Information:

  • The minimum fill volume 0.2/0.3ml per container with 0.8mmID tubing.
  • The maximum fill volume with current change parts for vial size 18.0ml per container with 4.8mm ID tubing.
  • For the 0.2/0.3ml fill the specified fill rate is 50vials/minute dependent on weight cell and camera  inspection settings.
  • For the  larger fills (20ml vial /10ml fill) the specified fill rate is 40 vials/minute dependent on the ID of dispensing tubing, the dwell time in the filling station, ratio of fill volume to the vial capacity, with weight cell and camera  inspection settings.
  • Filler Model FVS50  Serial # 64
  • Crimper Model CMM50 Serial # 54
  • Conveyor Model FSC4  Serial # 64
  • RABS Model RABS 1115 Serial Number 4175
  • All new equipment Delivery was Fall of 11 or Spring of 12
  • Change Parts for the following configurations: Fills: 2ML, 3ML, 5ML, 10ML, 20ML; Plug and Cap: 13MM and 20MM
  • The IQ/OQ paperwork for this line is available
  • After the IQ was completed with Purified Water, the company never ran the machine.  So no active ingredients were used with this unit.
  • Line cost over $ 850,000.00 New in 2011.
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