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Comas Monoblock Filler


Model: RF 1000

Description:  One pre owned Comas Monoblock Filling System Featuring Parallel Infeed And Discharge 3.35" Wide Table Top Chain Conveyors With 4' Long Infeed Side And 10' Discharge Side, Central Feed Star Has Fill Zone With Four Stations And Three Utilized Vacuum Filling Stations, Original Twin Piston Filler Is Also Located At Fill Zone With Twin 30 CC Pistons And Not Utilized (Some Mounting Hardware Required), Single Atomizer Placing Station Is Tooled For 15 MM Crimp Style Closure, Single Atomizer Tamp Station And Single Crimp Station For 15 MM Cosmetic Style Crimp (Tooling Required), Finger Atomizer Sorter Bowl With Placer Press On Station, 220 Volt/3 Phase Voltage And Air Are Required, Clear Aluminum Framed Enclosure With Electromechanical Safety Interlocks. 

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