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Wrap Around Labeler

Model:  330BL

Description:  One pre owned CVC 330BL Labeler.  The CVC330 Vial & Ampoule Wrap Labeler is built to automatically apply pressure sensitive labels onto small diameter round containers. The 330 comes standard with a 700 mm loading turn table, a ground chain conveyor, and modified railing for precise labeling of small vials and bottles. The 330 is an ideal machine for contract packagers and manufacturers serving the biotech, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and food markets.  
Machine features the following:  
Bottle Height:  1 to 10 Inches, 
Bottle Diameter:  1/2 to 4 Inches,  
Label Height:  3/8 to 4 3/4 Inches, 
Label Length 5/8 to 10 Inches.   
Conveyor Width:  4 Inches, 
Conveyor Length:  82 Inches.  
110 Volts, 1 Phase, 60 Hz.  
Comes with Turntable.