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ACG AF-90T Capsule Fillers


Model:  AF-90T

Description:  Pre owned ACG AF-90T Capsule Fillers. Each unit features the following: Automatic Capsule Filling Machine AF90T (SS316) powder or pellet filling up to 90,000 capsules per hour for powder. 220 volts, 60 Hz.
Each Machine features the following: Size 0 and 00 change parts, Interchangeable Section (Change parts) for AF90T. This consists of: a. Turret Assembly consisting of Cap bush and Body bush each. b. Loader Assembly consisting of: Magazine sub assembly – vertical blade assembly –  rectifier sub assembly - horizontal blade assembly - Capsule closing assembly consisting of capsule closing pins - Exit chute assembly consisting of ejection guide plate - Powder filling device consisting of dosing disc – Tamping pins -
DRY Vacuum Pump for loading station
Nilfisk make dust extraction unit to remove excess powder from AF90T and capsule polisher
Complete set of tools & setting gauges
DP 100 (Dedusting and Polishing Machine)
ECS 100 (Empty Capsule Sorter)
Machines were made in 2021.
2 Matching Units Available
Price is for each unit.

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