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Granulation Equipment

Michael Benalt, Inc. is a nationwide distributor of a wide variety of used and pre-owned equipment. This equipment can be used in various industries, including the pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Among our selection of machines is granulation equipment. All of the used equipment we stock has been certified and refurbished for safe use. You are in good hands when you deal with us!

What Is Granulation Equipment Used For?

Granulation equipment is used for granulation. This is the simple process of forming materials into granules. After the process is complete, the granules are collected and bonds are created through compression. The granulation process in pharmaceutical manufacturing needs to be predicable and repeatable. It is important to have equipment that is precise and reliable. This is to make sure that the proper levels of medication are in each tablet. Otherwise, if the granulation equipment is faulty, then different doses could be administered. 

Types of Granulation Equipment

Granulation equipment is a popular machine in the pharmaceutical and processing industries. There are two different types of granulation technologies that are used. These technologies are:

  • Wet Granulation
  • Dry Granulation

Wet Granulation

In wet granulation, the granules are formed through the addition of granulation liquid onto a powder bed. The agitation in the system, along with the wetting of the components with the formulation process, gets that desired result. One in which the combination of the powder particles that produce the necessary wet granules.

Dry Granulation

Dry granulation is a powder agglomeration process that is used within the pharmaceutical industry. It is used to improve the flow-ability of powders by increasing the particle size (granules). This operation is achieved by using a roller press.

Interested in Buying or Selling Equipment?

Michael Benalt, Inc. has years of experience dealing with customers nationwide. For more information about the granulation equipment on our site, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our available granulation equipment. The number to call is 845-628-1008. We can provide you with a free quote for the equipment you are interested in purchasing!