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Microfluidics M110EH-30 Microfluidizer


Model:  M110EH-30
Serial:  2006130

Description:  One pre owned Microfluidics M-110EH-30 Microfluidizer processor. 
Comes equipped with H30Z Ceramic Chamber and a H10Z Diamond Chamber.  Also included Dynisco 1390 Strain Gauge Indicator.  Unit features the following:  Process pressure to 30,000 psi (2,070 bar), Flow rates to 33 mL/min at 30,000 psi.  Flow rates to 450 mL/min at 25,000 psi (1725 bar), guaranteed scaleup to pilot and or production, patented, wear resistant, Interaction chamber - no moving parts, On-board heat exchanger for consistent discharge product temperature, designed for clean-in-place with no disassembly required, CE compliant.

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